Our School Aims

We aim to provide a safe, inclusive, challenging and stimulating learning environment where everyone is valued, and children thrive by:

  • Developing independent thinking skills and encouraging children to believe in their own ability
  • Giving regular feedback on learning and setting challenging targets for improvement
  • Expecting high standards of teaching and learning through inspirational leadership and everyday excellence
  • Offering a creative, inclusive and stimulating curriculum in line with the National Curriculum requirements
  • Providing social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning opportunities and develop common values for responsible citizenship
  • Ensuring knowledge and understanding of races and religions which develops respect for the cultural diversity in the school and the wider world
  • Furthering every adult’s professional development
  • Working in collaboration with parents, the community and local cluster of partner schools


Strategy Statement

Herbert Morrison Primary School aims to serve its community by providing an education of high quality.

We are a small school with an inclusive and supportive family attitude and a commitment to excellence. We ensure high expectations are maintained by enabling our children and staff to develop the enthusiasm and confidence to learn and achieve.

The school is supported by the Federation and works closely within the local community. Staff are professional and committed to ensuring that individuals are valued and reach their full potential. We strive for the best outcomes and progress for all.

Stakeholders work together to achieve the core values of Herbert Morrison which are to:

  • Maintain and deepen Outstanding School status with continued excellent outcomes for pupils
  • Embed values into pupils’ learning to ensure positive learning behaviours which reflect respect for themselves and others
  • Stimulate a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learn­ing and to encourage an independent and innovative attitude.
  • Instil an aspiration to achieve success within and beyond the School
  • Promote equality of opportunity for every child and member of the school community
  • Provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for children to thrive and learn
  • Provide a broad and varied curriculum in which each child can develop skills, talents and their creativity


Underpinning the Strategic Plan are the complementary strategies and plans in our School Development Plan. These provide further detail on how the School will implement the strategies set out in this statement.


Part of the Wyvern Federation